Dalmatian Temperament Problems

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Dalmatian Temperament Problems

dalmatian temperament
There is a huge variation in temperament and behavior of pet dogs, although they share the same ancestry. Dalmatians are well known for their even temperament, but only if they are trained and socialized at an early age. The movie, Disney franchise 101 Dalmatians, created a lot of fad with the Dalmatian breed, and thus pet lovers flocked it. Unfortunately, this led to the Dalmatians finding themselves in the hands of indiscriminate breeders, and hence this resulted in Dalmatians with neurotic temperaments, including wild hyperactivity and aggression, biting and extreme stubbornness.

Temperament is the general attitude a dog displays towards people and other animals. A well-bred Dalmatian is a dream to live, but a poorly bred one can rife with several Dalmatian temperament problems. Here is a list of some Dalmatian temperament problems you should identify to ensure that your dog’s character suits your lifestyle.


Dalmatians have an independent mind set and are not pushovers to raise and train. Basically, they are not golden retrievers compared to other dogs that are capable of learning. In fact, stubbornness is considered to be the commonest Dalmatian temperament issue, particularly when it comes to training because they can be manipulative and obstinate, but it’s not always the case. Ideally, majority of Dalmatians want to be the boss and will try as much as possible to prove that you cannot make them do things your way. However, you must show your Dalmatian that you mean what you say through absolute consistency.

Separation anxiety

If there is one thing in Dalmatians’ temperament that most people enjoy, then it would be how affectionate they can be. A Dalmatian loves to spend time among its family members, but it will demonstrate its unhappiness through destructive behavior when kept in the back yard alone. It is true to say that separation anxiety is one of the biggest temperament issues associated with owning a Dalmatian dog. Separation anxiety Dalmatian temperament problem can be difficult to manage, but you can prevent it by teaching your Dalmatian to settle in a crate while you are out of sight.

Aggressive temperament

For the obvious reasons, aggressive Dalmatian temperament is not usually the best choice for children and family friends. In fact, Dalmatians with this problem are extremely difficult to train because they require a dominant strong leader. However, do not despair if you own such a dog, there are several things you can do to end its aggression. The best way is to provide for a proper communication with other dogs or people to prevent any attempts to fight or engage in any kind of aggressive behavior.

High energy temperament

Dalmatians need an active owner because they have plenty pent-up of energy. High energy Dalmatian temperament issue can lead to rowdiness and bounciness or even violent behavior like chewing as well as digging. This means that living with a Dalmatian with such a problem can be exceedingly difficult to train, especially if it’s not exercised. A commitment to regular exercise is not only vital to raising a healthy and happy Dalmatian, but it can also help drain pent-up energy that causes the problem of high energy temperament. For instance, you can take your Dalmatian for a walk, run, jog or roller blade for hours if you want to get the best results.

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