How To Manage Dalmatian Aggressive Behavior

Posted on 10th September 2013 in Dalmatian Problems

Dalmatian aggressive behavior can be a serious dog problem to most owners. There are several types of aggression common with Dalmatians, such as growling, biting, jumping and snapping that can be pretty annoying. Biting is one of the most severe form of dog aggression since a Dalmatian bite can actually hurt someone and hence Dalmatian […]

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How to Turn Walking Into A Perfect Dalmatian Exercise

Posted on 9th September 2013 in Dalmatian Health

Dalmatians are active dogs, and they would be expected to trot or run for many miles each day; thus they require copious amounts of exercise. At least an hour of Dalmatian exercise, one or twice a day, is just enough to drain pent-up energy in your Dalmatian. It is indeed fascinating to note that no […]

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How To Minimize Dalmatian Shedding

Posted on 5th September 2013 in Dalmatian Health

It is normal for your pet dog to shed fur, though some shed more than others. Dalmatian shedding is undoubtedly natural; they shed throughout the year because they do not have shed-resistant fur. Unlike most prolific shedders, the Dalmatians have a short coat, and thus do not shed a lot of fur. Basically, this means […]

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Dalmatian Temperament Problems

Posted on 1st September 2013 in Uncategorized

There is a huge variation in temperament and behavior of pet dogs, although they share the same ancestry. Dalmatians are well known for their even temperament, but only if they are trained and socialized at an early age. The movie, Disney franchise 101 Dalmatians, created a lot of fad with the Dalmatian breed, and thus […]

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Dalmatian Weight Problems: Help Your Dalmatian Lose Weight

Posted on 1st September 2013 in Dalmatian Health

Is your Dalmatian overweight? According to a recent study, nearly 45 percent of pets, including the Dalmatian pet dogs, are overweight. This increases the risk for various Dalmatian weight problems, such as diabetes, breathing issues, arthritis, constant fatigue and cardiovascular complications like heart disease. Actually, these problems associated with weight gain can tremendously reduce the […]

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How To Stop Dalmatian Barking

Posted on 1st September 2013 in Dalmatian Barking

Dogs will always be dogs, and what kind of a Dalmatian would it be if it didn’t bark? Most Dalmatians will bark because it is natural for them to do so. Barking is one type of vocal communication that dogs use to communicate with humans, especially if it wants to warn you about a potential […]

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How To Train a Dalmatian Puppy

Posted on 30th August 2013 in Dalmatian Puppy

Without a doubt, the Dalmatians have become a favorite breed to keep as pets, especially the Dalmatian puppies that are more like delightful bundles of love and joy, all wrapped up in a spotted fur coat. However, just as with any other dog breed, character disparity can be observed with Dalmatians, but a few are […]

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Common Dalmatian Health Problems

Posted on 30th August 2013 in Dalmatian Health

The Dalmatians are relatively healthy and easy to keep breed, but like any other dog breed, they exhibit the propensity towards certain health problems that are specific to them. However, it goes without mentioning that the Dalmatian is one among the few dog breeds unaffected by most ocular and cardiac problems affecting many other medium […]

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